What sets us apart from our competition?

We are firm believers in ‘Attention to Detail’, and invite you to have a close-up look at the finishing standards and finer details of our boats, you won’t be disappointed!

Despite the glaringly obvious difference in styling, our vessels are designed by a Naval Architect and built by Professional Boatbuilders to a Commercial Standard.

What does this mean?

Strength, if you look beneath the skin of one of our plate aluminum vessels you’ll notice a well laid out structure with good continuity, feel free to compare with any other on the market! Proper frame and stiffener spacings, with good weld details and workmanship not unlike that of a superyacht. 

Yes, the boats weigh a bit more, this is due to complying with scantling calculations.

Safety, comes from a structurally sound hull with segregated sealed buoyancy chambers.

In fact, if you paid the extra costs of plan approval, and being surveyed during construction, the vessel could be used commercially.

What is with the dreadnaught and vertical bows?

The bow isn’t just there for styling, it suits multiple purposes. With a longer waterline length, our boats perform like a larger traditional boat (our 7.5m would compare to a traditional 8.5m). Also, the weight of the vessel is better centered over the waterline reducing the radius of gyration, hence reducing the pitching motion.

Our Dreadnaught bow design is semi-wavepiercing for a softer ride in rough weather.

Yes, they cost and weigh a little more for their length than a traditional hull, the simple reason is there is more plate area and structure.

Self draining deck.

From 6.5m and above we incorporate a self draining deck. As we lift the deck above the waterline, we increase the beam to compensate for the resulting reduction in stability. This also gives you extra volume for fuel tanks and a more roomy boat!

Naval Architects and Boatbuilders working together.

Our naval architect helps out on the floor building the boats, why is this important? It allows us to fine tune the structural details and streamline the building process.

Our Naval Architects specialise in Plate Aluminum Boats. They understand:
– The Material
– The Correct Details
– The Scantling/Survey Rules
– Stability & Weights
– Experts in Plate Development